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Sprinkler System Installation

If you are looking for experience and professionalism in irrigation, you've come to the right place. We have been installing lawn sprinkler systems for over 20 years. 


The reasons for needing a lawn sprinkler system are obvious. The convience of having an automatic sprinkler is reason enough. The most important reason is how precious an amount of water has become. It needs to be managed properly. An improperly installed sprinkler system does not solve the problem. 


An irrigation system is an improvement and investment for your home. Its design, planning, and implementation needs to be taken seriously.

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Our Company Mission

To construct the most properly designed, least maintenance, lowest cost, longest lasting and most water conserving irrigation systems that will provide the greenest landscape.

From Residential to Commercial, Aviv Irrigation Has A Solution!

Our work is completed by quick and knowledgeable repairmen, specializing in our industry, done reasonably and saving you the cost of the expensive replacements by providing you with long lasting, high quality parts and components. We also understand the necessity of saving water, and pride ourselves in constructing systems with high efficiency and low water consumption. All this is done with you and your needs always in the forefront of our planning and implementation. 

Even the smallest leak can be costly and lead to potential long-term damage, and letting them go untouched will only further deteriorate your home. Whether you need an emergency service or a check-up to determine the location of the leak, call the professionals at Aviv Irrigation. We'll detect the leak in your plumbing and repair in the same day. 

Has Your Yard Outgrown Your Sprinkler System?

It’s Time for a Sprinkler System Upgrade.

Updating your sprinkler system is simple! We come to your home and inspect how well your system is watering your growing landscape and provide suggestions and solutions to: 

  • Move spray heads for efficient water distribution. 

  • Create separate zones for your flower beds and landscaped areas. 

  • Change noble heads to new spray patterns and coverage areas - for example: converting from grass to landscape bed

  • Replace or modify components for increased water efficiency, reduced usage and reduced utility costs.

Why update your system?

Sprinkler fixes and upgrades help you save on water bills! A small investment in a sprinkler system upgrade will pay big dividends in a greener, prettier, more water-wise yard that will save you water and money. A terrific example would be: pressure sensitive sprinkler heads can cut water usage by 46,000 gallons a year in a standard system!

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